Hado & Our Christmas Challenge to You!

Blog Hado Our Christmas Challenge To You

The season of giving and gratitude always inspires me and has me looking to how I can treat those I love. Gratitude and positive thoughts can transform the way you see the world, but they can also transform you…

Hado is a Japanese term to describe the energetic force of all people, items and words. It was first studied by Dr Masaru Emoto in his study of the effect of words on water, but it has also been proven that our thoughts also go on to affect our physical realities.

Our thoughts and words can create changes on a vibrational level to those around us, the space we live in, the food we eat, and our physical bodies.

With that knowledge in hand, I challenge you to bring the practice of Hado to your Christmas meal by giving thanks to the food as you serve it to your loved ones.

Imagine that gratitude and love spilling forth into the meal and those around you. I further challenge you to take this practice and transform your thoughts and world.

Enjoy this Christmas, and share with us how you accepted hado into your home.

Jeroo x